Mature Content (18+) Policies


Ever hear of it? No?

Nerd Rage is an unpredictable condition exhibited by nerds – and sometimes geeks – who are passionate about their positions on certain things. For example:

  • Star Trek versus Star Wars
  • Darth Vader versus Lord Voldemort
  • Peter Parker Spider-Man versus Ben Reily Spider-Man
  • The ‘Old DC’ versus The ‘New DC’
  • David Tennant’s Doctor Who versus Matt Smith’s Doctor Who


While most times these topics will lead to a spirited, yet good natured debate, sometimes the wrong thing is said at the wrong time or someone feels the need to defend their position…


THAT’S Nerd Rage.

In a lot of cases, Nerd Rage results in explicit language including and going well beyond George Carlin’s ‘Seven Things you Can’t Say on Television’. While we at ATLANTI-CON will do our best to curb and prevent any explicit language it sometimes slips out, and we can’t be held responsible for what convention attendees may say to one another.

While we at ATLANTI-CON intend to promote a family-friendly environment, if there are any panel discussions or workshops where mature content or explicit language may be part of the show, there will be a disclaimer warning to that effect before starting. It will then be up to any adult supervisors of children to determine if they wish to stay and take part.

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