General Convention Policies

Alcohol & Drugs:
This is an all ages family event, no alcohol or drugs will be permitted on site. If you are suspected of drinking during regular convention hours, you will be asked to leave the convention. There will be ZERO-TOLERANCE for drug use AT ANY CONVENTION EVENTS and local authorities will be called if suspected. PLEASE NOTE: The 19+ Adult Dance will have alcohol for sale and ID’s for 19 will be required to be shown upon request by any convention staff.

Must be displayed at all times and upon the request of any convention staff. Wrist-bands are non-transferrable and no refunds if lost.

Costumes deemed to be offensive may result in expulsion from the convention.

Venue Guidelines:
Please treat venue staff with respect. We want to remind all members registered that they are responsible for any and all damages they may incur in any part of the venue. ATLANTI-CON is a guest of Grenfell Campus and we expect everyone to behave in a respectable manner.

Photography and Video/Audio Recording
Filming at some select events may not be permitted. You will be removed from the convention without permission for re-entry.

We ask all attendees to follow “Wheaton’s Law.” Be considerate and respectful of your environment, and of the other attendees who may be in your film. If you are filming costumes – ensure you get permission from that individual before taking their image.

Photography during the autograph sessions may be prohibited where noted.

Filming should be for personal use only. With the expection of officially permitted photographers / videographers, any photography, film or audio released (via any medium) for personal gain or profit is not permitted.

There will be no refunds on lost/stolen tickets or wristbands, no refunds if you are removed from the convention by staff or security.

Weapons & Props:
ATLANTI-CON has a comprehesive weapons policy and you can read it here.

Mature Content (18+)
While ATLANTI-CON is a family-friendly event, some panels may contain adult humor, strong language or themes not suitable for children. These panels will be identified on the schedule as such AND a warning sign will be placed outside the room in which the panel will be held. Parents should take note of these panels and not allow children to attend. ATLANTI-CON takes no responsibility for parents who allow children to accompany them to these panels. Click here for our policy on Mature Content.

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